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I was recently asked to pot a picture on Instagram of my favourite kitchen essentials. Trust me when I say this was no easy task. With work taking me from my own kitchen, to villa kitchens along the Atlantic Seaboard, to my own professional one at the V&A Waterfront, I had to think very carefully as to what I seemed to always use, and which I would be lost without.

Here’s what I chose and why:

Large and small Black cast iron chefs pan: These pan are so versatile, they work incredibly well on standard electric stove tops, on gas, and also on induction. Quick heating is obtained, which is also retained. I use it for everything, I mean everything, for quick toasting of tortillas, for eggs and for steak. I don’t think think any kitchen should be without them. Play with various sizes, depending on what you’re cooking, and trust me the look alone will make you feel like a professional, with these being the most commonly used type of pan in commercial kitchens around the world.

Microplane: I simply adore this tool. Whether it’s used to grate zest over your lemon meringue pie, or over anything really (I’m obsessed with lemon zest), or fresh Parmesan over a delicious homemade pasta. It makes finishing off dishes a breeze.

Good quality peeler: I know that the purests out there would only use a knife to peel potatoes and other veg, but trust me, when you need to do large volumes of prep, there is only one way, and that is with this handy tool that I think no kitchen should be without.

Cup measuring Set: I used to think that I could do everything by eye, and I do have a pretty good handle on measuring that way, but we all know that baking is a science and that “winging” it simply won’t cut it. Also when starting out on a venture with cooking these are essential for practicing with until you feel more confident with ingredients and how much to use of what.

Chefs Knife: If I could only have one knife, it would naturally be this. It can be used to cut everything. Yes, everything. I don’t think I need to say more…except that sometimes i feel it is an extension of my arm and I am totally lost without it!

Pairing Knives: Smaller veg can be a pain to prep and prepare, but with a good quality straight edged and serrated paring knife, this said prep becomes a breeze. I don’t only have one set, I keep a few of them in the kitchen…

Balloon Whisk: My omlettes wouldn’t be the same without this, and I make a good fluffy omlette 🙂

Mr Muscle 5in1 Total Kitchen Cleaner: Yes, a cleaning product has made my list of favourite kitchen essentials, and here’s why: Cooking and experimenting in the kitchen can be a messy process – flour covered counter tops, grease splattered stoves, oil spills etc. but finally there is a product that takes care of all of this. It is suitable for use on counter tops, walls, sinks, ceramic surfaces, tiled floors, stove tops, and more. it actively loosens grease and grime on contact, kills 99.9% of germs, and is non-scratch, so is suitable for frequent use. Cleaning the kitchen after cooking used to be my least favourite thing, but honestly, after discovering this product, I really do enjoy it, there is quite a sense of satisfaction in spending the day cooking away and then so quickly being able to get any kitchen back to it’s original spotless state…namely so that I can start all over the next day.


So there you have it. Things you will always find in my kitchen, in fact any kitchen I cook in. And this is where I tell you to go and get all of these and find the pleasure that I do in preparing food for loved ones and making sure my kitchen is always spotless whilst doing so 😉

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