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Ever since I can remember my dream holiday has been to hop on a plane, to jet off to Thailand and experience many of the wonders it has to offer. From the culture, to the food, to the pristine beaches and tranquil turquoise ocean seas, lush resorts…and so the list goes on. Life, however, has been pretty crazy, and with season in full swing, getting away at this very moment in time is an impossibility, and yet with making a commitment to myself to make more “me time” this year, I was thrilled when friend, and Brand Ambassador Bernice van Eck introduced me to Mai Thai Wellness Spa. Whenever I speak about the spa, I actually spell it “My Thai Wellness Spa” in my head as a testament to the fact that I certainly do plan on spending a lot more time here in the future and here’s why.

There is something so special about the welcome and how you are greeted upon entering, that, and the immediate serenity you feel, despite the busy bustling De Waterkant suburb just outside the door. It’s as if all of that magically disappears, and you really are transported into a little slice of Thailand paradise. Your journey starts with welcoming refreshments in the lounge whilst your therapist talks you through your selected treatment. It’s at this point that you will be able to marvel at all of the very carefully selected products which are used for treatments (and also available for purchase thereafter to continue your blissful journey at home), but more importantly this is where your therapist will allow you to smell each and every unique oil from the award-winning spa range HARNN, which is used during treatments. Their properties and benefits are carefully explained, and trust me this alone is such a beautiful journey, and all of this before you have even started. You are also able to try the hand creams and smell the soaps, I have never quite encountered a range of beauty and treatment products like this before. It is hard to explain, it’s almost as if when you are smelling them and using them and experiencing them you can feel the integrity with which they were made, and it’s also as if you can feel the pure enthusiasm and belief that they are the best, which is clearly translated when the therapists at Mai Thai speak about and use the products.



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The treatment rooms meet the highest standards with quality percale linen, beautiful robes, slippers, and towels. This coupled with the high quality of every treatment given is pretty much set to ensure that your therapist may have to forcibly remove you from the room when your time is up. (Okay maybe it’s just me, but I don’t think I adhered to the “I’ll see you in the courtyard in a few minutes”, I think Nui, my therapist, did actually have to come and get me out of the room, I really did not want to leave…). But speaking of the courtyard, this bamboo one really is something special, and it is where your spa experience is completed along with tea from the famous Tichaa Tea Room in Thailand. So whether you choose to relax on a sun lounger under the shade of the leaves or simply pull up a chair, and whether you decide to sip your tea hot or cold, neither matters, all that matters is that this time is yours, is that this magical journey continues, and that the only decision you have to make is whether you want White Mulberry tea or Butterfly pea tea first! How gorgeous is that!


Whether you are coming for Massage Therapy, a Spa Package, A Mai Thai Signature Journey, Facial Therapy or just for for some nail pampering, grooming or waxing, no detail is too small for Linda and the incredible team at Mai Thai Wellness Spa. I guarantee that you will leave feeling invigorated and certainly inspired to return as soon as possible.

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Mai Thai Wellness Spa can be found at no. 18, Dixon Street, De Waterkant, Greenpoint, Cape Town.

Go on, get booking and as they say “Treat YoSelf”, you deserve it!


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