Tuk Tuk Mobile Bar launches in Cape Town

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‘Save more water, drink Champagne’ – solid advice that. And If mobile bubbly bars are a thing of the future, then sign me up please! With stiff, white gloved bar service seeming to be a thing of the past, and bar service becoming more about personal interaction and more ‘chill’, I am all for it.


A three wheeler tuk tuk has loving been converted into a mobile ‘champagne’ bubbly bar, and has hit the streets of Cape Town, so to speak. Tuk Tuk Mobile Bar takes care of all of your bubbly needs, from the collection of your favourite choice of Champagne, MCC or Sparkling wine, to delivery, then set-up, and of course service. As they’ve said ‘You don’t have to lift a finger. The only lifting you’ll be doing is a glass for a toast!


Tuk Tuk MobileBar in it’s quirkiness is the perfect addition to your bespoke events, weddings, parties, business launches, and even caters for festivals. Pricing is based on a tier structure, the bigger the package you purchase (ie. glasses of bubbly ordered), the less you pay. Highly competitive per glass pricing is sure to see them in demand, so make sure to book them early, especially for soon to be held year end functions!

For enquiries and bookings mail: hello(at)tuktukmobilebar(dot)co(dot)za or give them a call +27 63 6291802


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