One year on and still my favourite – Giulio’s Cafe’

It has been exactly a year to the day that I posted my first review on Giulio’s Cafe’…so I thought what a perfect day to write another!

Some things have changed and some things have not. Let’s start with what has not; Giulio still works the floor, yes, he is one of the rare restaurant owners who is always at his own establishment, and to be frank, I’m not sure if this place would work any other way. Judging by the warm embraces he shares with most patrons, it’s evident that they frequent the spot as much for him as they do for the food. Another thing that has not changed is that it is still my favourite little haunt. That spot you can always rely on to make your coffee just the way you like it, to scramble eggs perfectly, every time, and to never disappoint when it comes to exceptional flavour in each and every dish. I love that his Italian heritage is paid tribute to in dishes such as the Pasta di Papa’ (Spaghetti mixed with olive oil, Garlic, Chilli, fresh cherry tomatoes and a white wine sauce topped with fresh parsley) and the Panzerrotti di Franca (Hand-made pasta filled with Spinach and Ricotta served in a basil and Pomodoro based sauce with parmesan cheese). Both of these dishes are a tribute to his folks, who although reside in Johannesburg, are often down in the cape to pop in and support if the cafe’ is super busy, or Giuls needs a break. And Yes, he does also need to take off sometimes. Family and passion is certainly felt throughout the establishment and I think it is definitely key to it’s success.


What has changed is that an authentic wood fired pizza oven has been built and installed, in full view of the restaurant, and is serving up, in my humble opinion, one of the best pizza offerings in Cape Town. Now there are a few reasons for such a bold statement, so let me break it down…All pizzas bases are hand made onsite, not bought in from a different franchise, the pizza chef (Patrick) has been making his own dough and has been in the pizza making industry for over 12 years, ingredients are always fresh and sourced from only the best suppliers, Fior Di Latte is the mozzarella of choice, and there is a whole lot of love added, and with that recipe it’s kind of hard to go wrong. Oh, and did I mention that when it is served the base is perfectly cooked, the underside being evenly crisp, with the perfect amount of char, and a slight bubble to the dough around the edges? I didn’t? Well there you go…

giulspatrick  giulspizzabase

In addition to the pizza offering there is now also a take home solution. Just drop Giulio an e-mail on info(at)giulios(dot)co(dot)za and ask for what is available and it’ll be freshly made for you to take home for dinner. You can also order extra portions to freeze. Bring your own containers ahead of time if you have storage restrictions, or simply get him to arrange everything for you. With this there will never again be an excuse for a sub-standard dinner, nor should there be!


In case you have yet to pop in and try out this ever increasingly popular spot, breakfast is served all day (happy dance, as places offering this option are far and few in between), and although Italian inspired the menu caters to all tastes and preferences. There are also sweet baked goods daily, so think carrot cake, brownies, fresh almond croissants, muffins etc.

pastry  giulsbfast

When asking Giulio where his love for all things food comes from he answers with a smile on his face, saying: “Everything comes from mom, I grew up in the kitchen with her, it was both of our dreams to have a corner coffee shop”.

And as you know, I do love a happy ending.


Find Giulio’s Cafe on the corner of Loop and Riebeek street, Cape Town central

Contact number for bookings or private events: +27 21 418-6304

Or follow on social media – Instagram: @giulios_cafe or FB: Giulio’s Cafe’

** Images courtesy of Giulio’s Cafe’ (except Patrick with my lunch pizza, and me holding up a slice ;)

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