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Situated in the Muldersvlei district of Stellenbosch is where you will find the 5th generation farm, Joostenberg. Having always practiced traditional mixed farming they’ve found that a demand for the brand has meant that they have expanded over the years. Ventures now include their deli, pork specialist butchery, bistro and events venue, organic vineyard farming and boutique wine production, a small herd of grass fed free range cattle reared for beef, seasonal cut flowers, herbs and vegetables. At Joostenberg their belief lies in producing and sourcing great quality, authentic products and supplying them directly to the public, straight from the farm.


A recent addition to Klein Joostenberg is the The Taproom, which is a collaboration between Joostenberg picnics and The Stellenbosch Brewing company. The Stellenbosch Brewing Company is a craft brewery which was started in 2013 by certified brewer Bruce Collins and his business partner Andrew Birss. Their focus lies on brewing beers in a style they like to call “New World” beers, meaning that while utilizing only fresh and natural ingredients, they respect the heritage of traditional styles, yet creatively brew them to suit our South African taste buds and modern lifestyle’s, diverse cultures, beautiful landscapes and spectacular climate. Their beers are of the finest quality, highly unique in character with a fresh approach to packaging and brand association.
The Stellenbosch Brewing Company taproom opened in November 2015 and is located at Klein Joostenberg farm and offers a tranquil setting in which to taste the beers as well as relaxed picnic-style foods which one is able to enjoy in the ample garden.

sb2 sb1

I recently got to enjoy a beer tasting and find out more about these beautifully crafted beers (which all have the most interesting names, which come with the most interesting stories), I even got to fill and cap some bottles, which was a super special experience I won’t soon forget (You can check out that image by clicking here, note the super happy face!). The beers you can find are as follows: The Avenue Lager, Bosch Weiss, Born Free Pale Ale, Hoenderhok Bock, Eike Stout. Seasonal and limited beers are also made throughout the year and The Avenue Lager and Bosch Weiss are already award winners for the Sommelier’s Selection for 2016.

garth  joosfood1

Then onto food, and what I can say without any uncertainty, was one of my favourite dining experiences of this whole year! Head Chef Garth Bedford, is well, let’s say, somewhat of a legend. First a tour of the deli and venue areas, as Joostenberg can pretty much cater for anything and everything, and then onto a perfectly set table alongside their big indoor fireplace, (it was a bit chilly) so it was already perfect, and when the food arrived, new levels of perfection were reached.

We started with a charcuterie board and beautifully baked breads, but not just any charcuterie board. It comprised of a selection of their homemade cured meats, terrine, pickles, and a side of pork pie (because I saw it in the deli and couldn’t resist). Everything and every bite was sublime. The flavours, and textures, and presentation were so on point, that long before mains had even been considered plans were being made to return, and to tell everyone about this incredible place. Talking about mains, which is difficult, because I was left speechless, let’s just say was one of those dishes that made me re-realise why I love food so much. Why I love everything about it, why I have chosen it as a career to follow, and also why I have so much respect for chef’s who are able to execute dishes at such a high level of standard and passion. It was a dish which on every level encapsulated so much care and detail, that to be honest, left me quite emotional. Yes, this is what beautiful food does to me and what it certainly did do to me that day. So what was it, you may be wondering – ‘Pork tongue and pan fried trotter gallette with picallili vegatables and gaufrette potatoes’. I could eat it over, and over, and over again…

joosfood4 joosfood3

I don’t think I’ve done this before, given a personal shout out in a blog post – but Garth, when and if you do read this, you amazed us that day, Thank you so very very much for so graciously hosting and cooking for us.

I won’t say much more, as this post is to urge you to go and try it all for yourself. Some of the menu items can be found here, on the Joostenberg website.

If you haven’t yet been, Joostenberg is just a short distance off the N1 from Cape Town, you really do need to go and check it out. Be it a beer tasting, a picnic, a deli or plant shop, or a seat at the bistro. It is a one stop destination that really is some of the best of what Stellenbosch has to offer, and perfect for the whole family too.




Klein Joostenberg, R304, Muldersvlei, Stellenbosch
GPS: 33 82’ 66 21 S / 18 79” 55 15 W

T 021 884 4208
E bistro(at)joostenberg(dot)co(dot)za

T 021 884 4141
E deli(at)joostenberg(dot)co(dot)za

T 021 884 4208
E venue(at)joostenberg(dot)co(dot)za

T 021 884 4208
E pork(at)joostenberg(dot)co(dot)za

T 021 884 4206
E pork(at)joostenberg(dot)co(dot)za


*first image used on this post credited to thestellenboschmom(dot)co(dot)za 



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