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It is always the impromptu visits to some of Cape Town’s special eatery spots that touch me the most. Getting to dine out often, people think that I am simply just spoilt for choice, and admittedly I am. It is the bonus of what I do, and what I love, and the passion for all things food that I follow, but there are certain places and spaces and people that grab my heart a little bit more than others, and Giulio’s is certainly one of those.


Situated on lower Loop street, on the busy Riebeeck street corner it could easily be missed, but once inside the warm welcoming energy and interior of Giulio’s cafe’ will ensure that it it keeps you coming back for more. But that is not the only thing that will ensure return visits, a well priced extensive menu serving up fresh Mediterranean inspired dishes will also mean that a once off dining experience at Giulio’s will simply not be enough.

Giulio and his mom, who is an integral part of the cafe'


Giulio grew up in the kitchen watching his nonna and mom lovingly prepare meals for their rather large family. Now whilst my family was perhaps not as large as his, this is something I can relate to. Every bit of what I love about food and cooking and sharing grew out of spending time with my gran in the kitchen every day after school while she cooked, and that love still grows watching my mom do the same.

Giulio dreamed about opening a cafe’ since he was a young boy, and that dream was finally realised after moving to Cape Town from Johannesburg, after finishing school. After the completion of his finance degree Giulio’s parents encouraged him to follow his dreams, and heart, as long as it paid the bills of course, and it was at this point he decide to take his passion for food a step further. Bags packed he headed for London after completing his chef’s degree and worked in a cafe’ under one of his food idols, Jamie Oliver. The experience inspired him, and provided him with the knowledge to come back home and open his own cafe’. His love for his Italian heritage, and Jamie Oliver, was all that was need for him to successfully bring people together around simple, humble, and oh, such good food!


Whether it is just a good coffee you seek early in the morning to kick start your day the right way, a place to get some work done, or the indulgence of fresh wholesome delicious food for breakfast or lunch, it is on point. Well in my opinion anyway.

I am so glad to say my first visit will be the first of many, it should be yours too #JustSaying


Image courtesy of EatOut

If you are wanting to see exactly what menu items are on offer you can check it out here, by simply clicking on Giulios. As mentioned, and I’ll say it again, well priced, so well worth it, and oh so good!

Contact details:

16 Loop Street corner Riebeek Street

Cape Town 8001

Tel: +27 (21) 418-6304


2 thoughts on “Giulio’s Cafe’, Cape Town – Something Special

  1. Ryan Warner says:

    Been there a number of times and I can’t agree with you more!! I love it!!! Legend food, legend chef and legend experience

    1. Thanks for the comment Ryan :)
      I can see it quickly becoming my regular hangout. Absolutely loved it!

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